About the Autistic NYC blog

A blog to accompany the website Autistic in NYC.

What is Autistic in NYC?

A website intended to help build the autistic community — an organized subculture of adults on the autism spectrum — here in the New York City metro area.

Why do we need an autistic community?

A bigger and better-organized autistic community could help us in lots of ways. It could help us find friends, and possibly romantic partners, who understand and accept us as people. For those of us who can work, it could help us find (and keep) jobs. It could help us find better places to live. And it could educate the general public to understand us better, and to respect our human rights.

See Longterm visions for the autistic community.

What kinds of groups and activities are there for autistic adults in NYC now?

See Local NYC-area support groups and social activities for adults on the autism spectrum. These include:

1 ) Groups led or facilitated by members of the Autistic Peer Leadership Group (APLeG), including, so far:

2) Other autistic peer-led groups, led by non-APLeG people. (Most of these are older and more established.)

3) Professional-led support groups and social activities.

What is the Autistic Peer Leadership Group (APLeG)?

A group of autistic people who either lead or would like to lead groups of autistic people. See Autistic Peer Leadership Group.

Who is the author?

For a brief autobiography of Mona Pereth (a pseudonym) up to the time this blog was created (October 2019), see My life as one of the many belatedly-diagnosed autistic older people.